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#3767 (8) X December 18, 2021
<NetSysFire> The world spins and goes dark. The shocking sphere explodes! You duck some of the blast.
<Muad\OK> Nethack keeps calling players aquatic animals. You flounder! You duck
#3765 (27) X December 16, 2021
<nabru> You begin praying to Tyr. You are surrounded by a shimmering light. You hear a chugging sound.
<nabru> "oh no, I will have to deal with nabru again. Better get drunk"
#3764 (17) X December 12, 2021
<statico> what’s “altar farming”?
<ChrisE> You collect seeds from an altar, plant them, water them regularly, and eventually they grow into new altars.
#3763 (16) X December 12, 2021
<Imanity> "You hit the orc-captain. The orc-captain turns into a hill orc"
<Imanity> Demoted xD
#3762 (5) X December 12, 2021
<hosk> i cannot go up because i need a pickaxe or a wand of digging
<hosk> because the level generated the upstair behind a tight space that i fell through
<derekt1975> you can throw your unbreakable stuff through the tight space
<derekt1975> then walk through carrying very little
<hosk> so basically try to walk through with only potions and wands?
<hosk> oh that was easier than i thought, really just my chain mail was the problem i had to work around
<ChrisE> Just forward it to 10 other people and you will be fine.
#3761 (7) X December 12, 2021
<arahael> It's insane, but I've been altar-camping for thousands of turns... Hoping for a... pickaxe.
<qt> there wasn't anything in the mines?
<arahael> I need a pickaxe to get there!
<qt> oh, how so?
<qt> is it a corner you can't fit through?
<arahael> qt: There's boulder blocking an important corridor on dlvl 4.
<qt> ooh
<aosdict> ah so you COULD get there if you just divested yourself of all your worldly possessions
<arahael> Why would I do that!?
<aosdict> to attain enlightenment, duh
<qt> it's easier to get a camel through an eye of a needle than to get a rich man into Minetown
<arahael> Heh.
#3760 (12) X December 9, 2021
<Homage> "Your weapon makes some lecherous comments toward you." c - a vulgar polearm
#3759 (7) X December 9, 2021
<spicyCebolla> a water nymph stole my +4 shield and then died over water
<Ann> honestly that sounds like the beginning of some kind of song
<aosdict> could be reworked into ballad meter, "a nymph who stole my +4 shield and over water died..."
<jonadab> "... did drop it there, and on the floor of yonder pool it lies..."
#3758 (6) X December 9, 2021
* aosdict laughs diabolically while sacrificing the killer bee corpse that will convert the altar at long last that will enable a water prayer that will enable upgrading equipment that will allow him to handle the midgame
<K2> then an air elemental shows up
<K2> with a pet leocrotta
<aosdict> I've dealt with both already
<K2> with laser beams on their heads
#3757 (2) X December 9, 2021
<spicyCebolla> hrm
<spicyCebolla> they made drums of earthquake not work for the WoY now?
<spicyCebolla> wasted a buncha time charging it and toting around if so :\
<Shadow_Rider> it should work?
<Shadow_Rider> you might have to dig in a square to be close enough
<spicyCebolla> hrm
<spicyCebolla> maybe i should go back out and yodel again

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