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#3930 (9) X July 23, 2022
<musicdemon> I'm going to attempt some Zen runs, so don't be puzzled if you see some deaths to weak monsters in the livelog xD
<qt> I'm going to attempt some no-conduct runs, so don't be puzzled if you see some deaths to weak monsters in the livelog
#3929 (4) X July 23, 2022
<Hecubus> [hdf-us] [evil] VaderFLAG (Rog Hum Fem Neu) had a bone helmet entrusted to her by Mog, on T:56609
<tinklebear> TFW Mog gifts you a thick skull; suggestion, compliment or insult?
#3928 (9) X July 19, 2022
<magnetor> I wonder if humans and elves are the real mindless, chaotic savages for not respecting Elbereth.
#3927 (4) X July 19, 2022
<aosdict> trying to think if I increase struct rm by a byte then what other things could get bits assigned to them rather than just changing flags from 5 -> 13
<nhmall> aosdict: an array of uint32_t added to u? uat[21][3] contains enough bits to do 21 x 96, which is more than enough for ROW x COLNO. uin64_t can do 21 x 128 with [21][2] array.
<aosdict> fair but I already want to add to struct rm (for example, to solve the "watchman traps a door by yelling at you to stop picking its lock" problem)
<aosdict> though it is funny to imagine the watchman pressing a little remote doohickey and then whispering into his walkie talkie "Trap is armed. We'll know if he tries that door again now."
#3926 (5) X July 19, 2022
<Looksfar> Have to say, a bunch of zombies spawning in a temple is a chuckle. Priest kills them, they re-animate, priest kills them, etc. I want to sell popcorn.
#3925 (8) X July 19, 2022
<qt> why don't spells wake up all monsters nearby
<qt> they all have a verbal component right now
<qt> if your guy is screaming MAGIC MISSSILLLLEEE!!! when he shoots magic missile it should wake up monsters
<krm26> Nothing says you can't whisper
<krm26> "pew" (soto voce)
<qt> lol
<K2> hahah
<K2> leeeeeroy jenkins!
<K2> pew pew
<aosdict> this will be in the anime adaptation of nethack
<amateurhour> Oh? You're approaching me? - the wizard of yendor
#3924 (14) X July 17, 2022
<Beholder> [hdf-au] [evil] Arahael (Mon Hum Fem Neu), 2414 points, T:2248, killed by a gecko, while frozen by a monster's gaze
<arahael> I need to somehow learn to stop making mistakes.
<amateurhour> to err is to be human
<amateurhour> maybe try a different race
#3923 (5) X July 17, 2022
<aosdict> grunthack appears to just paralyze you with no chance for free action if you get scared by magicbane
<aosdict> which, ok, fair, it's the same as getting scared by a ghost
<aosdict> but it's not a great fear implementation
<amateurhour> slashem doesn't have fear either, if you zap yourself with wand of fear it just confuses you
<K2> make the game check for sound on the players terminal. if it exists, make it play a .wav file of someone screaming really loud
<K2> that'll scare em
<aosdict> wilhelm scream
<amateurhour> hah
#3922 (11) X July 17, 2022
<aosdict> got a worm sanity check failure but have no idea what led to it. fuzzer is now past 350K turns
<aosdict> dumb idea: patch makemon() to generate a long worm 10% of the time. watch the bugs roll in
<qt> why not 100%
<qt> that'd be true worm insanity
<qt> ok i'm running longwormhack, this is awesome
<qt> The long worm of Camaxtli intones: "Pilgrim, you enter a sacred place!"
#3921 (2) X July 17, 2022
<aosdict> unfortunately xnh release is looking like it will be delayed
<aosdict> not because of anything going on on my end, but because I don't want splice evilhack and xnethack to all release new versions within a month
<aosdict> and then tnnt
<K2> i honestly dont think it matters aosdict. release new version when you feel its ready, dont worry about other variants
<aosdict> imagine if film studios just said "we don't need to worry about other movies coming out, just release it when you feel it's ready"
<K2> well there's $$$ to consider on their end
<qt> yeah your box office would take a huge hit
<K2> they stagger to maximise profits
<qt> well aosdict has to consider profitability as well K2 since xnh now has microtransactions

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