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#4026 (3) X November 12, 2022
< Mitzutsune> would be really funny if you could geno the riders
< Mitzutsune> YASD idea: genociding & also kills you :)
< blankman> i think e.g. genociding "h" as a dwarf actually does that.
< nabru> blankman: yep, it does
< nabru> if you're h and geno h, rip
< cbus> not sure if mitzu made a deep joke or not
< cbus> (you being war)
< Mitzutsune> it was a deep joke, yes
< cbus> the 4th rider
< tinklebear> War is Peace
< Andrio> Can any & be genocided anyway? Besided the mail daemon...
< Mitzutsune> doesn't seem so
< nabru> War is Peace, Famine is Satiation, Death is Life, Pestilence is Health
* tinklebear feels better already
< arahael> nabru: Doubleplus ungood!
#4025 (11) X November 11, 2022
< Furey> i found a wand of nothing / then i forgot i had found it / then i searched for nothing again / then i polypiled for nothing / finally i wished for nothing, and received it / the zen of achievements
#4024 (8) X November 10, 2022
<amateurhour> omg towels got nerfed in 3.7 their weight changed from 2 to 5
<aosdict> mwahaha amateurhour
<aosdict> that was my doing
<amateurhour> you monster!
<aosdict> now you can carry 3 fewer gems, or 60 less gold
<Umbire> Curses! Hypothetical Optimal Man could've bought a scroll of light with that gold!
#4023 (7) X November 10, 2022
<richo> asdfah god, werecreatures are human for saccing :(
<qt> were means man
<qt> and wolf means wolf
<qt> just try to remember that they have a human form half the time (or the were->man thing), after a while you won't have to think about it
<amateurhour> actually it's the second person singular past, plural past, and past subjunctive of "be"
<amateurhour> which is one letter off "bee"
<amateurhour> so they should count as bees
<qt> you know what, that makes a lot of sense
<richo> I'm sold
#4022 (8) X November 10, 2022
<jetjaguar> a lot of these early game deaths of mine could have easily been avoided if the wands I find were just wands of wishing.
<ChrisE> That's a clever solution. Perhaps you should wish for some wands of wishing.
#4021 (12) X November 10, 2022
<Beholder> [hdf-eu] [evil] mobileuser (Inf Dem Mal Una), 6153458 points, T:61671, ascended (with the Idol)
<qt> congrats mobileuser
<mobileuser> thx!
<qt> mobileuser is an anagram of "umbire, lose"
<qt> Umbire do you ever wonder if mobileuser is cheering for you to lose
<mobileuser> omg
<Umbire> 1/10, joke acknowledged
<qt> don't worry Umbire i'll name myself bumwiiner to combat it
#4020 (4) X November 9, 2022
< Mitzu> where did Croesus go?
< Mitzu> oh wait he's not in here, is he
< Mitzu> lol
< tinklebear> Croesus is in ludios, I think. Only place I've ever seen him.
< tinklebear> it is kind of a weird Castle, with no king
< tinklebear> Who is in charge? The captains?
< cbus> the eels
< tinklebear> XD
< cbus> or possibly the dragons :)
#4019 (6) X November 8, 2022
<krm26> why don't these lords and princes ever summon anyone cool!
<K2> Baalzebub summons Karen! Karen glares at you and starts to complain! DYWYPI?
#4018 (3) X November 6, 2022
<@K2> qt, yourists cant be ugly. they wear hawaiian shirts
<@K2> *tourists
<@K2> TASI: new role, yourist
<@K2> i cant type
#4017 (11) X November 6, 2022
<@Croesus> [US] nabru (Val Dwa Fem Law) murdered Rougelike, her faithful kitten, on T:533
<+rld> <@Eternal Guardian> It's spelled roguelike.

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