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#36 (-7) X February 28, 2013
< Absolutis> l - a Bok of the dead
< paxed> summons chickens?
#35 + (-46) - X February 28, 2013
<@bhaak> hmm
<@bhaak> i just decolored all monsters, added a LOOP [200] { MONSTER:'D', random } - thanks paxed btw for the new level compiler - made my character level 30 and went to the castle, voila, several chromatic dragons
<@bhaak> how can that be?
< Mortuis> bhaak: just blame bhaak
<@bhaak> i tried that
<@bhaak> that bastard just punched me in the face!
#34 + (-51) - X February 28, 2013
< bcode> YANI: new role, RNG; starts with a pet d4 that may grow into a d6, then a d12, later a d20
< negion> I would prefer a role that starts with a pet d2 that may grow into a d4, then a d8, then a d16, then a d32, which has a bisection attack!
#33 (-28) X February 28, 2013
< michagogo> Damn it
< michagogo> [12:40:36] <ChrisS67> hit a blue e to check
< michagogo> WHY
< michagogo> ChrisS67: You just ended my game :-(
< ChrisS67> how so?
< michagogo> I wore one of the un-ID'd rings
< michagogo> And hit a floating eye
< michagogo> As it happens, the two rings were searching and fire res
< permagreen> That wasn't the smartest thing to do...
< ChrisS67> oh, I thought you'd know I was only half-serious :)
< michagogo> ChrisS67: I did not realize that.
< Rodney> Michagogo (Wiz Elf Mal Cha), 3405 points, T:3764, killed by a rothe, while frozen by a monster's gaze
< michagogo> grrrr
< ChrisS67> well you knew what blue e's do, right? :P
< permagreen> Yeah, the create irc accounts and give bad advice to newbies
< michagogo> ChrisS67: I knew they freeze you
< michagogo> I didn't know they froze you for so many turns
< ChrisS67> yes, that's why they're dangerous
< ChrisS67> can be well over 100 turns
< michagogo> Yeah, didn't know it was that long -_-
< ChrisS67> oh, and next time you find an unknown amulet, put it on and eat a couple giants
< ChrisS67> if you die, it wasn't magical breathign
< ishanyx> !gift michagogo a blessed tinning kit and
* Rodney gives michagogo a blessed tinning kit and a magic flute
< ishanyx> you can use that on the giants or on ChrisS67, up to you ;)
* michagogo tins ChrisS67
#32 + (-49) - X February 28, 2013
<ykstort> as a platform linux is too much like me - fickle, flaky and disorganised, even incoherent
<ykstort> this is probably why I use it
#31 (-42) X February 28, 2013
< Yeti218> "Hello, Yeti218! Welcome again to Cubask's hardware store!" "Will you please leave your pick-axe outside?" The barbed devil hits Cubask. Yeti218: "hey dude! You have 99 problems and my pick-axe aint one!"
#30 (-19) X February 28, 2013
< demogorgon> Adeon, the neutral female human Tourist, left this world in The Quest on level 15, killed by a Grey-elf, while sleeping. Her score was 42694.
<@bhaak> you know, it just occurred to me that if people see Adeon dying this easily in unnethack, people might get the wrong impression that unnethack is much harder than vanilla
< Adeon> attention everyone: I'm dying because unnethack is so hard
<@bhaak> shush!
< Adeon> I used to believe in god but now that I saw unnethack, I know god doesn't exist because he wouldn't allow a game this hard to exist
< Adeon> play this game to experience certain death
<@bhaak> hmm
<@bhaak> if this game is for people who suck, it's obviously not for you!
< Adeon> you can see from my unnethack game logs that I indeed suck
< Adeon> remember everyone, losing is fun!
< Adeon> it better be because otherwise this game would have no fun at all
#29 (-10) X February 28, 2013
< stenno> unnethack is for noobs, play acehack
<@bhaak> stenno: where?
< stenno> oh
< stenno> nethack4 then
<@bhaak> acehack servers have an uncannily habit to drop out of existance
< stenno> its all because of those disintegrators!
<@bhaak> it is as if they never existed!
< stenno> hehe
<@bhaak> nethack4 servers have an uncannily habit to eat your save games :)
#28 (-12) X February 28, 2013
< michagogo> ?<test>of>this>thing
-Rodney:#nethack- michagogo: I don't know thing.
#27 (-22) X February 28, 2013
<@bhaak> lots of player spam
<@bhaak> I guess this is the price for being popular
<@bhaak> I almost miss AEU who would take all that players that sucked even more!
< simmarine_> maybe theres a lot of people now because you tricked them into believing unnethack is for people who suck
< simmarine_> !
<@bhaak> if I knew that insulting people makes them play, I would have dumped my Swiss upbringing and pulled out my Italian heritage much sooner!
< kerio> i'd say "fuck you" but that would just be reinforcing the point

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