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#3838 (6) X April 6, 2022
<mobileuser> unaligneds don't understand good or evil, they are psychopaths
<mobileuser> (my interpretation)
<amateurhour> what if moloch is actually just misunderstood
<mobileuser> lol
<amateurhour> all the jealous gods sending in adventurers to mug them and steal their amulet
<K2> hahaha
<K2> moloch just needs a hug
#3837 (7) X April 1, 2022
<jonadab> Even if you just give it the pline() output, I have a feeling Grammarly would make a mince out of reviewing NetHack messages. They just don't read like a school paper or business email.
<jonadab> Nor should they.
<qt> To whom it may concern: An orc has just attacked you with a sword. Not only that, but he has hit you. Are you interested in purchasing orc insurance? Please write back at this address.
#3836 (8) X April 1, 2022
<jonadab> I love the specificity of the reproduce conditions for that one. Going down into a pit, while both punished _and_ engulfed by an air elemental, and then saving. That might be the most NetHack bug ever.
<jonadab> Would be even better if you also had to be polyselfed.
<jonadab> Or riding.
<jonadab> Or both.
<jonadab> In a shop.
#3835 (8) X April 1, 2022
<Not-9244> [xNetHack] copperwater pushed 3 commits to master [+0/-0/±5]
<Not-9244> [xNetHack] copperwater 2867512 - Hallucination protects against skeleton bone rattling
<Not-9244> [xNetHack] copperwater aa2c222 - Fix comment in monsters.h: @ class doesn't include elves
<Not-9244> [xNetHack] copperwater 8b13590 - Increase the prices of many magical tools
<qt> inflation driving up the price of magical tools, and now i can't even get high and watch the skeleton bones rattling to get my mind off it
<qt> thanks a lot aosdict
#3834 (4) X April 1, 2022
<Rodney> NegativeOne (Wiz Hum Mal Neu), 4472 points, T:5418, poisoned by a rotted hobgoblin corpse
<perryprog> NegativeOne more like NegativeOneHealth
#3833 (9) X March 29, 2022
<Rodney> trashpile (Val Dwa Fem Law), 112402 points, T:17324, killed by a wraith
<perryprog> !lastgame trashpile
<perryprog> that's gonna be a misleading grave name for whoever gets their bones, I bet :P
#3832 (9) X March 29, 2022
<bouquet> there are some weird rodney corner cases. On one of my extinctionist runs he never appeared.
<mobileuser> interesting!
<bouquet> there was just the book of the dead in his sleeping spot
<mobileuser> and a note saying "I'm off fishing"
#3831 (5) X March 29, 2022
<aosdict> it doesn't seem like a massive backlog of bugs has piled up in my absence, but then again I haven't logged back into work yet...
<qt> the only xnh related bug is the one that wipes the user's computer and then kills them
<qt> that's pretty minor so I'm sure it can wait
<K2> yeah what qt said
<K2> we shut down xnh while you were gone so you could fix it upon return
<K2> cant have killing and all that
<aosdict> xnethack players have all signed the EULA and waiver
<aosdict> you sign up to be War, you gotta take some risks
#3830 (8) X March 20, 2022
<malor> Since I just learned about "winscumming" I decided to play a hard-level race-role combo for my next game 🙂 Wizard-Drow. Probably a humongous mistake as Drow is really annoying to play and the "invoke darkness" competes with your normal Magic Points.
<qt> what's win scumming?
<Umbire> picking "ezgame" roles ig??
<qt> i do quite a bit of loss scumming, myself. you wouldn't believe my current loss streak
#3829 (7) X March 20, 2022
<qt> that hebrew calendar stuff is cool but i think it's sad it will stop working in 2048 or whatever
<K2> why is that?
<K2> is that the end of times?
<qt> K2:
<K2> hahah that's awesome
<K2> "This game is still being played after 2048? Cool."
<aosdict> I mean the expectation is if xnethack is still played in 2048 then people will update the dates
<bhaak> that's what you get when you base your calendar on imprecise orbital movements
<qt> but by 2048 it will be considered a sacred text and religious authorities will forbid modifying the source code
<qt> are you trying to start a schismatic religious war?
<bhaak> schismas doesn't work with Judaism
<bhaak> they do both sides and just bad talk the other. they don't fight it each other with weapons
<qt> on one side: "the hadith clearly shows that aosdict said 'I mean the expectation is that if xnethack is played in 2048 then people will update the dates' ", on the other side "aosdict was tempted by the devil to say that, xnethack source was divinely inspired and to modify it would be the most wicked blasphemy"
<bhaak> I don't see the other side gaining much of a following as this would mean the game is unplayable after 2048
<qt> bhaak: well, it won't crash or anything, it just won't provide sufganiyot on Hanukkah. but thinking of it a little more, that would make it basically unplayable.
<bhaak> just imagine what kind of consequences they must draw from the fact that the game is unplayable on hanukhah
<bhaak> "the great prophet aosdict forbade playing on hanukkah. does this include any game or only roguelikes?"

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