#3593 (7) X August 3, 2021
<qt> k2: https://termbin.com/f1dt
<K2> cool
<K2> qt, this isn't a complaint, but just wondering - how come you don't do these as PR's?
<qt> I can totally do them as PRs if you prefer, 'g diff | tb' is just quicker and easier for me than 'g checkout -b fix-blah-blah && g commit --all && g push -u origin fix-blah-blah && gh pr create -f'
<qt> especially for something minor that's one small commit with only a couple lines changed. but I would be happy to do them as PRs! just say the word
<amateurhour> you should do them as PRs just so you can write a nice commit message
<amateurhour> :)
<K2> plus you get the proper credit
<amateurhour> Dearest K2, I write this PR to you today to fix the following problem...
<amateurhour> Yours lovingly, Q3
<K2> aww
<K2> so special
<K2> i'm touched

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