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#79 (-4) X February 28, 2013
< sawtooth> lol...out of one pit and right into another!
#78 (8) X February 28, 2013
< Soul-Burn> what does the xx part mean in strength = 18/xx ?
< greycat> it really means "We played way too damned much AD&D."
< greycat> think of it as "18.03"
< Soul-Burn> so y teh hell ?
< greycat> Soul-Burn: because Gary Gygax did too much LSD?
< Tatter> It means "oh shit, we need more strength values, but we ran out of numbers between 3 and 18."
< Soul-Burn> so why between 3 and 18
< Soul-Burn> and not make it 0 to 3000 ?
< greycat> because you roll 3d6.
< Tatter> Because they didn't want to let go of their casino dice...
< racoon> tatter: 4d6?
< Soul-Burn> 10d10
< racoon> 1d100
< Soul-Burn> 100d1
< Tatter> Hmm... good point, I guess the LSD explanation is more likely
#77 (-4) X February 28, 2013
* Yui_ knows someone in SFcity hiring vulnerability researchers
< paxed> "vulnerability researchers"? that's like right out of the nethack guidebook! :P
#76 (-18) X February 28, 2013
* Yui_ hmms at graffiti: "they say a diamond is another kind of luck stone"
< jmt> Sure, Yui, give a girl a diamond and you might get lucky. :-)
#75 (15) X February 28, 2013
< madness> J - 3 cockatrice corpses
< madness> yikes :P
< greycat> planning on making a salad, are we?
< paxed> or wokking?
< greycat> "This smells like stir-fried cockatrices."
#74 (-5) X February 28, 2013
< madness> stormbind: just protection racket
< madness> a jacket is body armour, yes ?
< Mucknert> yeah.. it tries to be ;)
* madness takes a risk
< paxed> hum... protection jacket for madness
#73 (4) X February 28, 2013
<GreyKnight> So, my theory: Croesus employs the leprechauns to steal gold from adventurers
<ais523> GreyKnight: I think there's actually in-game evidence of that, perhaps in past versions
<deve> then why aren't there any 'l's in ludios?
<ais523> at least, both Croesus and the leprechauns have been tied to the vaults at one time or another
<GreyKnight> Alternate theory: "Croesus" is actually just three leprechauns standing on each others' shoulders, under a trenchcoat
<ais523> perhaps the vaults used to be owned by leprechauns, but nowadays are owned by croesus instead?
<ais523> <GreyKnight> Alternate theory: "Croesus" is actually just three leprechauns standing on each others' shoulders, under a trenchcoat <-- I pretty much want to make that canon now ;)
<GreyKnight> ais523: hostile takeover?
<ais523> could be
<Rhino1005> you could make Croesus' death spawn 3 leprechauns where he died
<GreyKnight> Croesus bought up 51% shares in LepreVault Inc.
<Malpercio> 52%
<GreyKnight> ais523: simplest way seems to be to spawn three leprechaun corpses as a death drop, and leave no "Croesus" corpse?
<ais523> GreyKnight: yes
<ais523> this is not the time for frivolous changes like that, though
<ishanyx> GreyKnight, :D
<GreyKnight> "this is not the time" <-- so, remind you in late March, then? :o)
#72 (-26) X February 28, 2013
<GreyKnight> I always imagined that, when your character escapes the dungeon with a fake Amulet, the first thing he does is head to the pawn shop...
#71 (-15) X February 28, 2013
<Serel> I guess I can take my time with my Wiz though... Since a wizard is never late...
#70 (-21) X February 28, 2013
<intx14> I don't know.. I whistled him on literally 10 times in a row before, no change
<intx14> now i do it once, he's a red dragon
<intx14> are puddings less likely to poly up?
<BlastHardcheese> you whistled for your pet and when it came near
<GreyKnight> The license plate said "D" and it had flames in its gob
<billnye> GK: rhymes is fo suckaz
<GreyKnight> I thought about "flames from his rear" but that has unfortunate implications about dragon "breath" weapons
<billnye> yeah, smoke out its ears is the closest I came up with at a mental glance
<GreyKnight> Okay that works
<billnye> its breath was on fire and it had smoke out its ears?
<GreyKnight> If anything I could say that this mount was just fine // But I ain't got a saddle, let's go try the Mines!

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